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Shutter Studio is a unique digital service that allows photographers to run Virtual Photoshoots from anywhere in the world and produce high quality photos using phone’s camera. It is possible with our special app for a remote photoshoot.

In the beginning of the last year there was a boom of FaceTime or Zoom photoshoots. It is a creative and fun way of doing photography but the quality of pictures via FaceTime isn’t as good as any photographer would want.

We invented another way! Why not to use phone’s camera? Why to have this screenshots from video chats when phone’s camera gives an incredible quality? Our Shutter Studio technology allows the photographer to connect with the model and to take pictures on the phone’s camera, to produce high resolution pictures. Isn’t it great and inspiring?

Photographers from all over the world are using Shutter Studio and take pictures in different countries. The distance isn’t a thing anymore. Stay creative and productive whenever you are.

It’s a great opportunity for:
– to stay in business
– to create an international project
– to shoot abroad in countries you would never imagine to go
– to meet people from all over the world

Let us know what do you think!

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