Improvements to photo upload on iPhones

Improvements to photo upload on iPhones

We have some exciting news to share about recent update to iOS application!

From the beginning, overall Shutter Studio experience was less smooth if the photographer’s client was on iPhone: to protect user experience and save battery, iOS shuts down applications when they enter background. For example, when a user locks the phone, goes back to the Home screen, or opens another app. For virtual photoshoot experience with Shutter Studio, the result of this policy is very straightforward: photographers have to ask their clients to keep the app open after the photoshoot for a while until all the photos are uploaded. Which only sounds simple, but in reality, any phone call or any other distraction – and high-res images upload pauses. Again.

With our recent update to Shutter App for iOS we addressed this problem! From now on, this how it going to work:

  1. Uploads will continue in the background, even when the app is closed. No need to periodically bug the client by asking to keep Shutter App open
  2. But there is another Apple policy in place: the upload will not happen right away after the shoot. The phone will decide when is the best moment to do that, taking into account Internet signal strength, battery level, etc. For example, during the night when most people are charging and not using their phones.
  3. You can speed this process up, by asking the client to open Shutter App for a while, as you did before. As usual, when the app is open, iPhone allows the upload process to continue without interruptions

Needless to say, the upload speed depends heavily on the client’s Internet connection quality, especially if the photographer was shooting in RAW and the phone needs to upload few gigabytes of images…

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