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Shutter Studio is a unique digital service that allows photographers to run Virtual Photoshoots from anywhere in the world and produce high quality photos using phone’s camera. It is possible with our special app for a remote photoshoot. In the beginning of the last year there was a boom of FaceTime or Zoom photoshoots. It is a creative and fun […]

How to find a model/client for a virtual photoshoot?

Sometimes it is just not enough to check the hashtags and DM a person you would like to shoot virtually. You can check the model agencies or ask your friends if they’d be interested in a virtual photo shoot but most of the times that’s not enough and people can say no even though you are a talented photographer. Virtual […]

Mobile version of Shutter Studio

Take Shutter Studio anywhere you go! Great news for photographers who shoot virtually and do it with Shutter Studio!With the recent update, now you can run your virtual photo shoots from your phone or tablet! So, one more time: since now, Shutter Studio is available not only on desktop Mac or PC, but also on iPhones, iPads and any Android […]

Appearance Is Everything. Is it?

A story by Anne Thomas Brand photographer Humans are visual creatures, and what others see has an undeniable impact on our success. Since first impressions are formed within seconds, and most of the information we consume and interpret is visual, it makes sense to understand that powerful imagery on your website will position you in your audience’s mind as professional […]

Unique Gift Idea – Virtual shoot

By Anna Hornby Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer With the way of the world being the way it is lately. Photo shoots can be a little lower down on the priority list. It’s hard to gather everyone together for pictures and drive to a location. Things can seem a little tough, especially on a chilly winters morning. […]

Boost your business with virtual photography

A story by Frank Lenz Commercial & Brand photographerVirtual photographer Virtual photography gave me a new pathway to succeed. I was at a point in my career where I wanted more. I needed to work with professionals and brands globally but with the pandemic and travel restrictions, how was that going to be possible. Then I found the virtual photography […]

⚠️ Audio issues with Safari 15

Apple has recently released Safari 15 and those of you who have already updated – there is a chance that your clients, who are using an iPhone, will not be able to hear you! 😢 Not sure whether it is a bug in Safari itself or something on our side, but as of now, we managed to find a workaround […]

A few things to be aware of the RAW feature

You will have an option to shoot in RAW if your subject’s phone camera supports this format: all iPhones from 6s and most of the modern Android phones. But please keep in mind that not each camera on the phone can support the format 😞 For instance, iPhone 7 has back-facing and selfie cameras, but only the back-facing one supports […]

Improvements to photo upload on iPhones

We have some exciting news to share about recent update to iOS application! From the beginning, overall Shutter Studio experience was less smooth if the photographer’s client was on iPhone: to protect user experience and save battery, iOS shuts down applications when they enter background. For example, when a user locks the phone, goes back to the Home screen, or […]

Multi-camera support on iOS and Android

We are thrilled to announce that from now on, all our mobile applications, both for iOS and Android, support dual-, triple-, you-name-it cameras! What does that mean? You, as a photographer, can now switch between all available cameras on the model’s phone! Initially, we supported only primary (back-facing) and selfie cameras. Later last year, we added support for multiple camera […]

Your photos security

As more and more photographers are adopting virtual (online) photo shoots with the Shutter Studio, the question on security and privacy is raised more frequently. This is a completely reasonable question! We, as humans, want others to respect our privacy. A photoshoot can be a very intimate experience that relies on trust. We will not allow a complete stranger to […]